Quick Start

This Quick Start article is an overview of how to use Recurrable to make online purchases using Crypto. It assumes you have a working knowledge of MetaMask and Crypto. For more detailed help, please see our complete instructions in the Getting Started section. 

  1. Add Polygon Mainnet network to your Metamask.
  2. Send some Matic to it to pay network fees.
  3. Check the web site you are purchasing from to see what currencies they accept (i.e. USDT, USDC, DAI).
  4. Send some of that currency to your Polygon address. 
  5. Go to https://app.recurrable.io and authenticate via MetaMask. 
  6. Click the "Top Up/Withdraw" menu item. This is where you will move funds from your wallet to your "Top Up" balance. Recurrable will only withdraw funds from your top up balance for any transaction it processes. Please be sure to keep this balance high enough to pay upcoming bills. 
  7. Go to the merchant web site and select the "Recurrable" payment gateway. 
  8. When redirected to the Recurrable Dapp, authenticate through MetaMask with the account you funded in steps 2-4 above. 
  9. Confirm the details of your transaction visually, and then through MetaMask. 
  10. Once the blockchain confirms the transaction, you should have access to your product. 

As we are currently in alpha, you might get caught up somewhere. Please do not hesitate to reach out at support at recurrable io.

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