Integrate with WooCommerce

Our Recurrable WordPress plugin is live and ready for Beta testing. If you would like to accept recurring payments in crypto through your WooCommerce or WooCommerce Subscriptions web site, please contact us to get the plugin.

Install the plugin

The plugin should be installed to your self-hosted Wordpress site just as any Wordpress plugin would be. Upload then activate the plugin.

Plugin Settings

Open “WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Payments” tab and enable the “Recurrable Payments” method:

Click the “Finish set up” (or “Manage”) button on the right side of the “Recurrable Payments” payment method row to open configuration dialog:

Click “Generate a new one” button under the “Shop Private Key” field to generate a new key pair:

Copy the newly generated private key into your clipboard, paste it into the “Shop Private Key” field:

Next, click the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the form:

Copy “Shop Signer Key” value into your clipboard. This will be needed in future steps:

Open Recurrable application website ( in a separate tab. Most likely it will ask you to switch to “Polygon Mainnet Network”. Click “SWITCH NETWORK” to do so:

MetaMask extension window will be opened where you will need first to “Approve” addition of the new blockchain network:

And then confirm switching by clicking on the “Switch network” button:

PLEASE NOTE: To complete actions such as creating a store, adding products or conducting transactions on the Polygon Mainnet Network you’ll need to have at least a small amount of MATIC in your wallet. This is the token that is used to pay gas fees on the network. Typically, with just 1 MATIC (current cost at time of this writing is $0.77 USD) you can conduct hundreds of transactions. You can buy it within MetaMask itself or somewhere else. Just make sure you have at least some before proceeding.

Now you can login into the Recurrable application with the help of the MetaMask extension. Just click the “LOG IN” button to continue and then sign “Recurrable Authentication” message by clicking the “Sign” button:

Click the “Profile” link, check the “I want to be a merchant” checkbox and click the “SAVE” button:

Open the “My Shops” section that appeared after the previous step and click the “ADD NEW” button:

In the opened form fill shop “Name” and “Description” fields and paste previously copied shop “Signer Key” value into corresponding field:

Click the “SAVE” button and confirm the transaction with MetaMask. Then wait for a while till confirmation of the blockchain transaction:

Copy shop “ID” for the next step by clicking the “(Copy)” link:

Get back to the Recurrable Payments management page (first tab) and paste copied shop ID into the corresponding field:

Once again return to the Recurrable application website. Open the “Profile” section and copy the “API Key” from there by clicking the “(Copy)” link:

Finally return to the Recurrable Payments management page (first tab) and paste copied API Key into “Recurrable API Key” field:

Click the “Save changes” button. Shop is now ready to work with Recurrable payments. You can notice this on the Checkout page where you now can select Recurrable as a payment option and specify the particular cryptocurrency you want to pay with.

So at this point all of your products can be paid by the Recurrable Payments method. If you think that you want to restrict this behavior (maybe for testing purposes) you can use “Allow” and “Disallow” lists.

To allow only particular products to be paid with Recurrable Payments method you need to get IDs of such products first. These IDs can be collected from the “Products” -> “All Products” page in your WordPress Admin website:

Or from the URL of the product post:

Then you need to open the Recurrable Payments management page (“WooCommerce” -> “Settings” -> “Payments” -> “Manage” button of the “Recurrable Payments” row), check the “Allow list” checkbox and fill corresponding products text box with the IDs you have collected (separated by comma). Then click “Save changes”:

Similarly you can disallow particular products from being paid with Recurrable Payments method. To do this you need to collect IDs of the products you don’t want to supply for crypto. Then open the Recurrable Payments management page, check the “Disallow list” checkbox and fill the corresponding products text box with the IDs you have collected (separated by comma). Then click “Save changes”:

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